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Application: You will apply for admission to the full EMSD programme at the University of Bergen

You will spend the first semester (Fall) at the University of Bergen. For the coming semesters you will travel to another country and another university every semester.

You will spend your second semester at the University of Palermo or the New University of Lisbon depending on which cohort you belong to:
Students starting in September 2022 go to Lisbon in their second semester (spring 2023)
Students starting in September 2023 go to Palermo in their second semester (spring 2024)

Enrolment: The host institutions will help you through the administrative procedures you will need to undertake, like

  • Housing
  • Visa/Residence permit
  • Enrolment in the host university

Every host university has a Student Affairs and International Office which can guide you through these procedures. Student guides/Information emails containing information about those issues will be send to you approximately six to four months before the start of the semester. Please use the knowledge of the different International Offices and do not hesitate to contact them in case of any questions.

Admission for Radboud University will be managed by Radboud University. Students will apply directly to the university via this link Admission&Application webpage following the regular admission process and deadlines.

The deadline for non-EU/EEA students is the 1st of April 2023 and for EU/EEA students the 1st of May 2023. 

Start preparing yourself for the application to the study programme by the end of March in your second semester.

Insurance: As a rule, you need to have your own insurance.