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  • BiTS (Netherlands)
    BiTS in Business Is a management consultancy organization that works with the methodology of BiTSing. The definition: Bitsing is a (scientific) business economics discipline, enabling organizations (large and small) to successfully reach their commercial and financial goals, with a predicted return on the investments and activities that they undertake to do so. Organizations that do bitsing reach their goals with an ROI (return on investment).
  • Beyond Scope (Netherlands)
    The Research Methodology and System Dynamics Group (Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University) together with Beyond Scope has developed an innovative program for the European Master in System Dynamics. This program creates synergy between science and business by enabling students to work in practice at leading organisations such as Randstad, Comparegroup, Waterboard Aa en Maas and Atos. At these organisations students work on strategic challenges using a combination of System Dynamics and innovative approaches in science and business, including Marketing, Strategic Performance Management, Logistics, Lean6Sigma.
  • Significant (Netherlands)
    For a number of years the methodology group of the Business Administration department at Radboud University has been collaborating with Significant, one of the few Dutch consulting firms who uses the system dynamics methodology and group model building to support strategic decision making in organisations.
  • Sicilian Government Administration (Italy)
    The Sicilian Government Administration has subscribed a collaborative agreement with the University of Palermo in order to conduct and develop through a dynamic approach projects and researches on planning and control, policies’ design and management in ‘public’ sector.
  • Engineering S.p.A. (Italy)
    On the basis of a recent collaborative agreement, the University of Palermo cooperates with the Engineering S.p.A., a ‘private’ sector enterprise, that develops technological projects and provides services and assistance in high-tech and industrial fields.
  • The Millennium Institute (United States of America)
    The Millennium Institute is a NGO, currently located in Arlington, VA, USA,- but about to relocate to Europe and with a research and development office in Bergen, Norway. The MI mission is to help people and organisations enhance insight for decision-making in complex systems towards the development of a global sense of shared responsibility about our common future. In particular, MI assist national agencies and international institutions build capacity to address national and regional planning needs by way of integrated system dynamics modeling, analysis and policy design. This collabora­tion constitutes an important source of recruitment of students in to the EMSD. Moreover, the MI client base will form an extensive practice field for EMSD students who chose to work in the area of national and regional development planning. Also, through MI, the EMSD has at its disposal a series of senior researchers and managers with extensive in­ter­national experience in development planning who may serve as lecturers and co-advisors.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Bergen (Norway)
    PwC Bergen has been singled out by PwC Inter­national to develop a task force on modeling, simulation and optimisation and has attract­ed a number of our candidates to work for PwC and, eventually, also directly for their clients that are predominantly in the public sector, but also represent industries in the private sector. As in the case of MI, the PwC client base will form an extensive practice field for EMSD students who chose to work in the area of public and private sector planning, policy design and management. Also, through PwC, the EMSD has at its disposal a series of senior consultants and managers with extensive in­ter­national experience in the public and private sectors and who may serve as lecturers and co-advisors.