If you’re interested in system dynamics, I cannot think of a better master’s programme for you. EMSD provides a unique environment for learning and personal growth – one that’s meritocratic, self-critical and open to new ideas. You’ll study with some of the best system dynamics teachers in the world, experience a variety of cultures, and have your perspectives challenged in ways you’ve never imagined. I learned a lot from my time in EMSD and if I had the chance of doing the programme all over again, I would! So stop reading testimonials and apply already.

Ninad Jagdish, Director BTN

The program provided me a new perspective on how to structure and analyze complexity. It is about how things work and how to communicate to others. Further, it provided me with facilitation, presentation and negotiation skills in a highly international environment.

Maximilian HappachPhD. StudentUniversity of StuttgartGermany

The program was vastly rich in diversity, both from the home institutions and from the group of students and that greatly enhanced my understanding and awareness of various cultures and different backgrounds.

Erico SantosModosim consultantsBrazil

Receiving a two year Master degree diploma with distinctive titles in Philosophy and Business Administration helps me in further education (PhD) and also leaves a great impression with prospective employers.

Milica MarinkovićManager of Organization and Project Management Dept.Banca IntesaBelgrade

The EMSD program has given me three tools: a new set of “glasses” that adds another dimension to understanding the world and its problems, an analytical tool to find innovative and counterintuitive solutions and a third tool that allows a group of diverse stakeholders to constructively use the first two tools without prior training. Three tools that are essential in the toolbox when aiming for a more sustainable and resilient world.

Max KleemannInstitute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)Germany

Studying in the EMSD programme is about more than getting your MSc, it is about exploring Europe, learning how people from around the world and from different disciplines solve problems. The EMSD programme changes the way you approach problems as well as people. Besides studying cutting edge materials from the academic community, you also get ample opportunity to work with companies on real world problems. The programme is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life.

Guido VeldhuisInnovator/quantitative AnalystTNOThe Netherlands