About European System Dynamics

Is this programme only for European students?
No, the European Master in System Dynamics is open to students from all over the world who are interested in learning how to initiate strategic change in organizations through the use of computer simulation models.

Where can I find the programme brochure?
The programme brochure can be found here.

Where are Bergen, Lisbon, Palermo and Nijmegen located?
More information on where the four cities are located can be found under ‘Host universities’. On this page you can also find more information about the four partner universities.

What kind of software is used in the European master in System Dynamics?
Both Powersim and Vensim are used.

 Financial information

What are the costs of the programme?

Please see “Prospective students/Participation costs” for more information.

Application procedure

Can I submit my application by e-mail?
No, you are requested to send in your documentation via online application as well as by regular post. Applications sent in by e-mail will not be processed. If you have any difficulties uploading your documents via the online application system, please send us an email info@europeansystemdynamics.eu

I am a student from China. Should I obtain a NUFFIC certificate?
Yes, students from China need to obtain a NUFFIC certificate before their application can be processed.

What does “legally certified” mean?
A legally certified copy is a photocopy with an endorsement or stamp that states that it is a true copy of the primary document. You can certify the copies of your documents at your university or at the municipality or notary.

Educational background requirements

I have not yet obtained my diploma yet. Can I still apply?
Yes, under the condition that you send a transcript of records of your courses and a statement from your supervisor/professor/dean/etc/ that you are likely to finish before the start of the programme (mid August), you can include this in your application package. We will then still consider your request for admission. Applying before obtaining a diploma (when following the steps mentioned above) does not affect your changes of being admitted into the programme.

I have obtained more than one degree. Where should I list the other programmes I have studied?
If you have obtained more than just one degree,  please list them on the application form. Your CV is the place where you can expand on your background. Please add transcripts from all your programmes, so that we get a clear image of your background and so that we can asses it carefully.

The application form asks for a description of my thesis. Does it refer to the thesis I wrote during my Bachelor’s degree or the one I plan to write at the end of the System Dynamics programme?

We would like to know what your interest and focus was during your previous education. The application form asks for the thesis you wrote during your Bachelor degree or for you previous Master’s degree. If a Bachelor or Master thesis was not included in your study programme, please provide us with an excerpt of your most recent academic essay/assignment.

Language requirements

I have studied in English all my life, do I still need a TOEFL?
If your first language is English, you will not be required to provide an English language test score. You are considered to be a native speaker of English if you are from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, USA or South Africa.
The language requirements for admission to the programme are: TOEFL iBT> 80  IELTS > 6.0, or CAE/CPE at least level C (copy of certificate required). The test may at the time of application not be taken longer than two years ago.

The website says I need a 80 on my TOEFL iBT. My overall score was 75. Can I still apply?
No, 75 is below 80 and you are not eligible to start the programme. In this case, we would advice to improve your command of the English language and take another test, to see if you reach the 80 score benchmark.

My overall IELTS score was 6.0, but one of my bands was below 6.0. Can I still apply?
Yes, the 6.5 is the indication for the overall score. Keep in mind that the admission is very competitive and that fluency in English is very important. If you score below 5.5 on one of the bands, we generally advise you to improve your English before you apply.

Can I have the TOEFL organization send my results directly to you?
You can, by using the institutional code of the Radboud University which is 3387. If you do this, please also include a copy of the results or a printout of your score to the documents you send to us yourself. That way, we will not have to contact you if the TOEFL results arrive later than your file does.


Is there a format for the Motivation letter/ recommendation letter/ CV?
Since this Master programme is highly demanding, we expect our students to be able to write a good motivation letter and a CV in a suitable format. Because we would like to give you and your referees the possibility to express your thoughts as clearly as possible, we have decided to leave the format up to you.
Please note that the motivation letter should not exceed 2 pages.

Should the letters of recommendation be sent directly to the university?
No, please have them sent to your own address and add them to your application documents. Due to the large amount of incoming mail, there might be a change of the letters not arrive in our office, if they arrive separately.


Where can I find information about scholarships?
Information about scholarships can be found at “Prospective students/Erasmus Mundus Scholarships”. When you fill out the application form, please indicate whether you are applying for a scholarship.

How many scholarships does the European Master in System Dynamics make available?
For the students who are planning to start the programme in 2018, there will be no scholarships available. Please check our website for regular updates.