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The curriculum is designed in such a way that you will study at at least three out of four European universities in different countries. You will spend a semester in each of these universities together with other international students from all over the world. You will earn a degree from all the universities you attended (as part of a joint or multiple degree). Living and learning across different campuses and cultures will be an enriching experience that will help you to develop the intercultural and personal skills that are needed for starting an international career.

When What Where
Semester 1
Sept. – Dec.
Foundations of System Dynamics Model Building Bergen
Semester 2
Jan. – Jul.
Sustainability Issues or Management, Planning and Control Lisbon or Palermo
Semester 3
Sept. – Jan.
Organizational Consultation and Group Model Building Nijmegen
Semester 4
Feb. – Aug.
Thesis writing One of the four universities

All courses in the European Master in System Dynamics are taught in English. The courses that are offered during the programme, are:

Semester 1, University of Bergen
1. Principles of Dynamic Modelling and Policy Design (10 ECs)
2. Fundamental of Dynamic Social Systems (10 ECs)
3. Model-based Analysis and Policy Design (10 ECs)

Semester 2, New University of Lisbon
1. Sustainability Science (10 ECs)
2. Integrative Modelling (10 ECs)
3. Sustainability Strategies Lab (10 ECs)


Semester 2, University of Palermo
1. Planning and Control Systems (8 ECs)
2. System Dynamics for Business Strategy (9 ECs)
3. Planning, Policy Design, and Management in the Public Sector (7 ECs)
4. System Dynamics for Planning, Policy Design, and Management in the Public Sector (6 ECs)

Semester 3, Radboud University
1. Systems Thinking for Systemic Change (6 ECs)
2. Modelling for Stakeholder Engagement I (6 ECs)
3. Strategic Decision-making (6 ECs)
4. Modelling for Stakeholder Engagement II (6 ECs)
5. Research Methodology (6 ECs)

Semester 4 is fully dedicated to writing your thesis.