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All partner universities in the consortium offer other master programmes:

University of Bergen
University of Bergen offers a 2-year master programme in System Dynamics. For more information on the Master’s Programme in System Dynamics at UoB, please click here.
For information on all courses and degree programmes taught in English at the UoB, please click here.
For information on admission requirements, language requirements, scholarships, pre-application form and more, click here.

** Note that so called Quota scholarships are available for applicants from selected developing countries and selected institutions in those countries. You find a reference to the Quota stipends here. At this page you will find references to nationalities and to the collaborating institutions that defines the eligibility of applicants for quota stipends. **
Application deadline for the academic year 2015/2016 is 1 December 2014 both for quota and self-financed students.

Radboud University
Radboud University offers a 1 year master programme in System Dynamics, called Business Analysis and Modeling (BAM). For more information on this Master’s Programme, click here.
Besides the Business Analysis and Modeling (BAM) master programme, Radboud University offers more master programmes in Business Administration and Management. You can find an overview (including admission criteria/procedure) here.
Be aware of the Radboud University deadlines for application. Non-European students can apply till the 1st of April. European students can apply till the 1st of May.