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Many students have already applied System Dynamics during various internships in companies or not-for-profit organisations. To give you a head start we have composed an illustrative list of internships with a system dynamics focus. 

  • Explaining cyclical behaviour in the airline industry (airline company)
  • Understanding the capacity problems of staggered help desks (software company)
  • Understanding the capacity problems, lead times and concurrency in software development projects (software company)
  • Dynamic issues when implementing a company-wide intranet (airline company)
  • Strategic issues when introducing new printing machines (printing machines manufacturer)
  • Controlling staff training and promotion chains (airline company)
  • Recycling issues for motor bikes (motor bike manufacturer)
  • Analysing supply chains for TFT displays (component producer TFT displays)
  • Analysis of new market for the introduction of cash crops (agrochemical company)
  • Healthcare system management (regional health care planning division).